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Kato N Gauge 20-283 Electric Turntable Japan Model Railroad New 100V for japan 772223906086

Kato N Gauge 20-283 Electric Turntable Japan Model Railroad New 100V for japan 772223906086

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During the heyday of steam locomotives, major stations were accompanied by locomotive depots, and there was always a turntable at these locations. Steam locomotives, limited in their direction due to their structure, were placed on turntables at intermediate or terminal stations to change their direction. They were turned around, loaded with coal, water, and anti-slip sand, underwent maintenance, and then departed for the next train pull.
The electric turntable from KATO, model number #20-283, is perfect for recreating the atmosphere of the bygone era when steam locomotives were the pride of the railways. This turntable is designed based on the prototype with a relatively shallow pit known as the "underfloor type." It offers smooth left and right rotation with a reliable stopping mechanism, doubling the enjoyment of running steam locomotive trains.
**Product Information:**
**Electric Turntable (#20-283)**
- A must-have turntable for enjoying steam locomotives, newly introduced by KATO – the definitive structure for steam locomotive enthusiasts!
- Replicates the "underfloor type" with a relatively shallow pit, designed for ease of use, including compatibility with parlour runs.
- Adopts a 10° angle for the turntable track arrangement. The outer diameter of the main body is 217mm, and the turntable length is 160mm, accommodating even large steam locomotives.
- The turntable thickness is 12mm, 5mm higher than the 7mm of Unitrack's rail surface, allowing height adjustment on the outer side of adjacent tracks.
- Features auto-locking automatic indexing with left and right rotation, stop, and precise drive through switch operation on the controller.
- Realistic turning speed of approximately 1 revolution per minute. Further deceleration ensures a precise stop, enhancing the realistic movement in the locomotive depot scenery.
- Connector-type one-touch wiring eliminates the need for complex electrical wiring, making it easy for anyone to incorporate into their layout.
- Power is supplied from the turntable to the tracks. The turntable track supplies power to the connected front and rear tracks, enabling running.
- For parking, use insulated joiners and a separately sold feeder kit for adjacent tracks with a power switch to enable on/off for each storage track.
- By combining multiple sets of separately sold turntable extension track sets, you can recreate an impressive large locomotive depot on a mainline.
- Various separately sold structures, such as the locomotive depot facility set, are available for creating a perfect reproduction of a locomotive depot with a turntable.
- Product Contents: Main body, Turntable controller, AC adapter power supply, Controller connection cord, Jump cord 1 (adjacent track, straight) x 4, Outer loop track (3 lines) x 2, Car stoppers x 6, Uni-joiners x 2, Insulated joiners (single) x 6.

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