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KATO Sound Box 22-102 Railway model supplies Sound Card sold separately

KATO Sound Box 22-102 Railway model supplies Sound Card sold separately

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An excellent item that allows easy and analog play on vehicles without modification. Enjoy various driving operation sounds in addition to ambient sounds during railroad model operation.
Incorporates the latest software updates, enhancing existing sound card capabilities and featuring standard installations of "VVVF-equipped trains" and "diesel cars." It also includes the "emergency stop function" and "controller priority mode switch function."
Added scales and labels to each volume for easier adjustment.
The Soundbox focuses solely on controlling "sound," utilizing your existing power pack for vehicle operation. No additional purchases are necessary.
The speaker is built into the Soundbox, eliminating the need for any modifications to the vehicle. You can enjoy it immediately with your existing vehicles.
The immersive "sound" from the speaker at your fingertips feels like being in the driver's seat. Enjoy driving with powerful sound.
Inserting separately sold sound cards allows you to enjoy driving various vehicle models.
The Soundbox's distinctive feature is the automatic synchronization of running sounds with the vehicle's operating state.
With six push buttons, you can play your preferred operation sounds like the whistle or brake sound. Operation sounds vary depending on the vehicle.
Equipped with volume adjustments for sound volume, microphone volume, start voltage, and sound synchronization. Adjustments tailored to the vehicle's characteristics provide a more realistic experience.
When in use, easily connect to the power pack for vehicle operation using a jump cord. Connect the power for the Soundbox operation to the snap-type terminals on the KATO power pack for easy connection.
Other manufacturers' power packs can also be used. (For connection, modification is required for jump cord connection, and an additional external power source is required for the main unit operation using the KATO power pack).
Recommended for use with ECS-1 is the "Controller Priority Mode."
Equipped with standard "sound" input/output terminals. Connect to external speakers via an amplifier or connect a microphone or smartphone to mix station and conductor announcements and other audio sources, doubling the joy of running model trains.
Includes "Soundbox How-to Guide." Featuring simulations using four types of sound cards (Electric Train, Diesel Car, Steam Locomotive, Electric Locomotive), it is a guide that allows you to enjoy driving while reproducing realistic sounds like real trains.

Products will be meticulously packed and shipped with robust waterproofing and damage prevention measures.

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