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KATO 10-1788 Amtrak ALC-42 & Super Liner 4-Car Set From Japan

KATO 10-1788 Amtrak ALC-42 & Super Liner 4-Car Set From Japan

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KATO 10-1788 Amtrak ALC-42 & Super Liner 4-Car Set From Japan

New in stock. Please note that there may be some scratches on the outer box case.
1/150 N gauge KATO 10-1788 Amtrak ALC-42 & Super Liner 4-car set.
It should be possible to run on most N-gauge tracks, but please consider that it is primarily designed for use with Kato tracks. There may be issues with tracks from other manufacturers. Please be cautious when making a purchase.
★Main features (from the manufacturer's website)
-Amtrak ALC-42 & Superliner
・Release of the passenger train Superliner, which is active in modern America, changed to an affordable set configuration.
-The 4-car set includes one locomotive, one sleeper, one coach/baggage, and one coach. The 6-car set consists of one baggage, one transition sleeper, one sleeper, one diner, one lounge, and one coach.
・ALC-42 (4-car set)
・Reproduces the streamlined head shape, blue-based exterior, and "Amtrak" logo placed in various places.
・Reproduce the large watermark louver which is the biggest feature. Can be turned on by incorporating an interior light (sold separately)
・Headlight/number board lighting
・Coupler trip pin can be installed
・Secure speaker mounting space for DCC sound
・Knuckle coupler standard equipment
-Can reproduce the image of a transcontinental train formation with a 4-car set + 6-car set. In addition, with a locomotive + 6-car set, you can easily recreate the image of a long-distance train even though it is a digest-like short train (if the train is 5 or more cars, we recommend pulling it in multiple trains)
・Accessories: coupler trip pin
★About this vehicle (from the manufacturer's website)
Introducing the double-decker Superliner, a long-distance Amtrak train that represents modern American railroads.
◆ALC-42 is Amtrak's state-of-the-art Siemens long-distance passenger diesel locomotive, which has been in operation since the summer of 2021.As a successor to the GE P42 locomotive, which is approximately 25 years old, it is expected to be 75 years old by 2024. Both are scheduled to be added. It is affectionately known as the "Charger" because it has an engine that complies with exhaust gas regulations, as well as energy-saving and high-speed performance that incorporates European railway know-how. The paint called Phase VII, which will be adopted from the 2022 expansion vehicle, is characterized by blue paint on the rear of the vehicle body, and is expected to become the standard paint for ALC-42 in the future.

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